Friday, June 7, 2013

ADOPT! Spotlight on Taffy the Pomeranian

Mr. Mutt and I have a soft spot for all dogs but since we have a rescue Pom (Prince Pierre of Pomerania) I find myself tending to showcase the breeds we have. We've formed such a bond with our: Bolognese, Pomeranian, Pyrenees, Teddy Bear Mix and American Staffordshire Mix that it's hard not to sing their praises! 
I recently came across this little cutie and just had to share her with all of you:

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well then you may just love Taffy!  She's sweet and guilt free! 
 Taffy comes to the ADOPT! Spotlight from Michigan.
She is a gorgeous 7 year old, 6.6 pound Pomeranian who was just spayed and had a dental cleaning! For more information on Taffy please contact her foster mom at 810/252-1775 or email  Her adoption fee is $250.  A small price for such a sweetie. 
Thanks for wanting to rescue! 

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  1. Oh, she is darling! I just wish she was in Florida. I adore Poms.




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