Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Search is Over...Spotlight on Woodford Humane

Looking for two explorers to accompany you on adventures?

Well...look no further

These two beagle boys might not be taking on uncharted territory or rowing down wild rivers but they certainly have a thirst for adventure (not to mention two great beagle noses to keep them on the trail).

Clark (pictured on right) is the smaller of the two but he sure doesn't let that slow him down! Lewis (pictured on left) is an outgoing cutie who absolutely adores attention (almost as much as he likes hanging out with his buddy Clark).

These two cuties can't wait to meet the person who will be their new two-legged best friend!
Come meet Lewis and Clark at the Woodford Humane Adoption Center or call at 859/873-5491 to find out more about them.
Hurry, they can't wait to start their new adventure with YOU!

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