Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pink Panther

Oh My GOODNESS!! A BIG PINK "I'm Sorry" to everyone who stopped by earlier expecting PINK and finding NONE *GASP*!! No more automatic publishing for me. It's manual all the way from now on. A BIG THANK YOU to Catharina Maria for making me aware of my technical difficulty... Now on with the PINK!

What could be more PINK than this guy? Now, be sure not to tell my four pups that I'm spotlighting a C*A*T for Pink Saturday...they'd hang their tails in shame.

While I've never been a cartoon lover (nope, not even as a petite fille) I did love the old Pink Panther movies. Maybe it was Peter Sellers or perhaps it was his silly accent (which is MORE than just a little reminiscent of my dad's).

Come to think of it, my mom calls my dad "Inspector Clouseau" from time to time... typically those times he says something silly. You see my dad's first language is French. Having English as his second languages leads to some "mis-speaks" Colloquialisms are tough for any foreigner in any new country. My dad's "revised" sayings are a hoot!

Here's an example: "A frog in my throat" turns into "A cat in my mouth" - hmmmm, maybe that's why I have dogs? One of my fav's is: "If the shoe doesn't fit- - - put the hat on". Oh yeah, that one used fairly often by my daughters and see when we are shopping it means that we can buy the shoes AND the hat.

Ok, so the PINK cat's not so bad after all. Guess I am a fan of La Panthere Rose!

Be sure to stop by and say "Woof" to Tobi at The Pink Pixie Forest. Her glittery personality and alluring creations prove that all that glitters is a MUST have. Also, Merci to Beverly for hosting such a grand fete. Be sure to visit her page along with the other pink participants. Leave comments...we love'em!!

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  1. The Pink Panther! Haven't seen him in years. Love the "mis-speaks"- some are better than what the saying is supposed to be. Happy Pink Saturday!


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