Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pork Chops & Applesauce... Spotlight on Woodford Humane

Ok I KNOW some of you will understand my pork chops & applesauce reference. I would just like to add (to those in the know) that I saw the shows in RE-RUNS! 8 ) Hey, a girls gotta keep those extra years as far away as possible.

Funny thing is, it's something JD & I will say just out of the blue ::driving along in the car, doo doo doo "PORK CHAWWPSH & APPLESAUSH":: - no sillies, I didn't spell it wrong, that's how we say it.

You may just find yourself saying the same thing after you see Woodford Humane Societies newest cutie.

If you like a good pork chop, sink your teeth into this one (not literally)! Pork Chop is a playful little guy (who may indeed like applesaush) with a BIG personality that will win over even the most devoted vegetarian. This handsome boy is as silly & sweet as they come and no one's a stranger, just a new best friend for this little friend maker. Pork Chop would love to be part of YOUR balanced diet (with or without applesaush - ok, I really can't help myself) so go meet him today!

Visit Pork Chop at the Woodford Humane Adoption Center or call them to find out more: 859/873-5491

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