Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dog Parks for the Dog Days of Summer

Woo Hoo! Summer is almost here and our furbabies are eager to get out and enjoy some fun! In honor of "The Dog Days of Summer", I've compiled a list of eight dog parks that really sound more like amusement parks for our fuzzy friends. If you have a favorite dog park, that's not listed here, please post a comment and I will add to my list for the next Maison Mutt "top" dog park listing. Criteria can include: off-leash ability, dog events, water feature, organized games, hiking trails. Mention what's unique about your fav!

#8: Cosmo Dog Park - Gilbert AZ
Paw prints are tops in this parks design. Light posts, sidewalks even the bridge over the lake (yes, I said LAKE) are covered in this friendly symbol. The lake features a dock for doggie diving and frolicking! Paws-atively refreshing!!

#7: Alum Creek Dog Park - Lewis Center OH
A real Pup*A*Palooza for your pet. Don't believe me? Stop by on June 5th for their 4th annual Pup*A*Palooza! Since 2008 there have been approximately 300,000 visitors to this pet playground. That many pet lovers can't be wrong!

#6: Oklahoma City Paw Park - Oklahoma City OK
Truth in advertising holds true at this paw park...it's A-OK! Many trees & benches (for pet parents enjoyment as well) along with a special pond area created with a fine grade gravel beach for dogs to swim or just catch some rays. Special areas separate larger dogs from seniors and pups under 30 pounds.

#5: Bow Wow Beach Park - Stow OH
Activities abound within this 7 acre off leash park. Let's not forget the 3 acre sandy beach lake with dock and the brand new agility park. I better not tell my pups, they may start packing!

#4: Millie Bush/Congressman Bill Archer Dog Parks - Houston TX
Ok, ok so I snuck in an extra park. It was hard to decide between these two and since they are in the same neck of the woods, I included them both. Millie Bush boasts cute fire hydrants for sniffing and...whatnot *wink* along with a dog path & doggie showers (my Pyrenees shudders at the thought of a shower ::chuckle::)
Bill Archer Park
has dog bone shaped ponds - HOW CUTE! Plus, agility equipment, showers (more shuddering), walking trails and lots of trees.

Kenton Paw Park - Covington KY
Not your typical dog park. I picked this one not only because they have events like the upcoming Beast Bash on July 10th, but because they sponsor Animal-Assisted Literacy Programs. Together with the Kenton County Library, this fabulous park promotes: reading to a dog... LOL, yes I laughed too - but think about it. Focusing on grades 1-6, the program is designed to give kids a motivation to read. Love love love.

Shaggy Pines Dog Park - Grand Rapids MI
This park covers the gamut. Complete with swimming pond, Doggie Mountain sand pile for climbing and digging, trails, water stations, dog washes, even birthday parties! Nothing was forgotten here. Especially our less than lucky furry friends. Shaggy Pines sponsors a drop off point for Kibble Konnection, a pet food pantry that helps low income pet owners by providing supplemental pet food. Now that's a park to bark for!!!

#1: Pilgrim Bark Park - Provincetown MA
Show your paws if you like art!! This park is funded by private donations and grants. Their dedication shows...Pilgrim Bark Park blends the visual experience (for pet parents) with functional fun for our fur babies. Painted fire hydrants, many artistic park benches including a wooden "Mayflower", a memorial section and more being added. Best of all they offer an on-line resource section touting the more than 30 dog friendly doggie hotels, eateries and activities (boat rides, Rover?) in this very pet loving area. PBP has managed to blur the line between human and canine and provides a unique experience that takes place beyond the gates of a dog park.

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