Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sourdough Bread Recipe - Take Two

Those of you that have been following my attempts at bread making will understand when I say, Three's A Charm. Yes, I understand that I've already given you a "clue" about how attempt #2 has gone ::chuckle::. On a positive note I have increased my bread height by 24¢...see picture below:

As you recall, my 1st attempt was all of 1¢ tall. So I feel that a 24¢ "raise" isn't so bad! (yes, bad joke - *groan*)

Though the sight of this *adhem* "loaf" is less than desired, round #2 tastes fabulous! I used a different recipe to give this batch a little! More of an extra sourdough taste. The secret to the zing?

Believe it or not: citric acid. Yup. Makes all the difference in the world. Now if I could just get a $1.00 raise....

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