Monday, June 7, 2010

California's Gold

Well...sorta. My version of gold. It's that time again and i'm sooooo excited. I just confirmed my tickets to head out to California to visit friends and family and......GO FABRIC SHOPPING!!! [[Ahem, uh, not that I enjoy fabric shopping more than friends and family *wink*]].

I can't wait to stop by and see what Mr. Fabric Guy has in store for me this trip. He never fails to find drool-worthy material.

I also plan on fulfilling my button obsession with a trip to
as many notions stores as I can fit in. Good thing I have new walking shoes!!

Strangely enough, when I mention my (expected) journey to Downtown L.A. for the day, those beloved friends and family...scatter. Huh, I don't get it!!! Come'on people, it's BUTTONS AND FABRIC. Sheesh! No matter, it's my bit of heaven and i'm willing to share with whoever will come (ok an
d i'll throw in a lunch on me as well).

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