Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take Your Dog To Work Day + Giveaway

Great news!! June 25th is Take Your Dog To Work Day!! Let me attest to anyone in earshot...having 4 studio dogs makes the day fly by. I love "going" to work everyday and I credit some of that feeling to being fortunate enough to have my furbabies with me. These furry companions provide (besides comic relief) inspiration, a sounding board (oh, the conversations we've had) and love, love, love. Who wouldn't want to go to work under these conditions?

Many businesses are becoming dog friendly too. Places like Amazon, Clif Bar, Sur La Table, Boost Mobile, Smith & Hawken & Hot Topic Corporate have caught onto the concept. Whether allowed in everyday or just once a week...what better way to ensure cubicle happiness than to have your best buddy sharing it with you.

If you are lucky enough to have a forward thinking employer, this is the perfect time to encourage your pet free co-workers to consider adoption from a local shelter or if they are unable to own a pet, volunteer (all the fun of ownership with none of the fuss).

Keep in mind, if Rover loves to nibble shoes, pull on clothing or has an irresistible urge to use carpets as his bathroom, you may want to reconsider sharing your office sanctuary with him. However, you can still share the message of pet adoption.

Here are a few tips to make Take Your Dog To Work Day an enjoyable experience:

1) Bring a mat, bed or blanket that "smells like home" for nap time.
2) A container for food & one for water are musts.
3) A leash & doggie pick up bags are essential.
4) Having toys & treats available help your co-workers interact with your favorite pooch.
5) Here's the GIVEAWAY part: Bring a camera! Snap a picture & send it to me at: I will post all of them & one special furbaby will win a prize!

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