Monday, May 10, 2010

Homemade Crispy Sourdough Bread

Homemade crusty bread

5 days working on sourdough starter

1 day spent eagerly preparing 2 loaves of sourdough bre
ad for hubby (1st time ever).

Resulting product...Priceless

As I mentioned I was shooting for a L*O*A*F of bread. Now, mind you these little dish plate shaped gems taste wonderful. The crust (which is MOST of the "loaf") is perfectly crispy.

Perhaps I have stumbled onto the perfect recipe for those who hate that annoying INSIDE of the bread and would like a nice, big hunk of crust.

Always benevolent, JD exclaimed it was the "best homemade bread" he's ever had. I made sure not to mention that I knew this was the first homemade bread he's ever had. His comment made me realize how fortunate I am that we can grow old and "crusty" together. Pun intended. So, while it may not look it...this recipe was really a success. Hmmm, what will I make next? Whatever it is, I just know JD will love it

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