Friday, May 14, 2010's no FAO Schwarz

While I was working in my studio today, Pierre got up and decided to raid Gunners (our Great Pyrenees) toy box. I had to snap a few shots to share with you...
Pierre has decided that the toys on the floor were not quite what he was looking for. The toy box in question belongs to Gunner (his toys are super sized and are easy to trip over - I know...i've had experience). Pierre eyes his target...
Zip...he jumps up...

Ah HA! Gunners favorite fuzzy dog. Just the ticket.

Looks like fuzzy dog is putting up a fight. He seems to be grabbing on to the sides with his paw or maybe i've been up too late working on Fourth of July outfits for MaisonMutt...hmmm.

I love love love this shot. Not satisfied with the fuzzy dog toy and now very aware that Gunner is asleep in another part of the house, Pierre goes back in for more!

Look Mom...I redecorated! Je t'aime Pierre - Je t'aime!!

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  1. You have to do your spotlight on Woodford Humane Society with that JackRussell/Bassett Hound they have up this week! What an odd looking beauty!


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