Monday, April 26, 2010

Tipper! Spotlight on Woodford Humane

No gamble here...Lemme give you a tip on a sure thing: TIPPER!!

Looking for a little dog with a big personality? Well, today might be your lucky day!
Tipper is a gorgeous Miniature Pinscher girl with personality twice her size and she has just as much love to share with her forever family. The minute you see her big perky ears and her dainty little walk, she'll have you wrapped around her paw! Tipper is a lap dog through and through. All she needs now is a friendly, loving lap to call her own!

Do you have a little extra space on your lap for a sweet little lady like Tipper? Go meet Tipper at the Woodford Humane Adoption Center or call them at 859/873-5491 to find out more about her.

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