Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Secret's Out!

Ready? I'm a momma...errr...wait..let me clarify:

I'm a
Motorcycle Momma!!

I spent this past weekend at Balance Dynamics learning how to operate my new cruiser (black bike pictured was a loaner).

These great people offer
the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) course that exists to educate riders on how to properly operate their motorcycle on the road. I was one of the riders that wanted to keep the "dirty side down". There were 14 thrill seeking souls taking the course that day, 8 of which were SUPER COOL women
(moi included)!

We spent Friday in the classroom garnering all kinds of information. Saturday & Sunday were spent on the track. Bill and Jessie were wicked fun instructors! We all learned how to shift, lean, quick stop, swerve...all kinds of life saving maneuvers
{{ best part is we used their loaner bikes so my lovely little Black Cherry Yamaha V-Star stayed tucked in the garage all cozy and....scratch free - ha ha}}. I LOVED every minute of the experience!

Yesterday I went to the county clerks office and made it official..I got my license - look out world! I can't wait to take my maiden voyage but in order to be a Motorcycle Momma that that stays around for awhile - I have invested in a ├╝ber cool protective jacket from Scorpion. It's gorgeous - black and white with tribal cut outs. Alas, it hasn't arrived yet so I have to put off my maiden voyage. But I promise, once i'm all "suited up" we can take our 1st trip together. I can't wait to share with you...until then...Vroom Vroom!!

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