Monday, April 19, 2010

The Privilege of Color

As a kid, I was a crayon h*o*g. Yup, I loved all the colors in the box (yes, even you, lonely gray♥). All the colors were mine...all 120 of them (plus the sharpener)! I couldn't possibly share. What if my unsuspecting little friend didn't sharpen it properly or worse *gasp*
B-R-O-K-E one?!? No, I simply kept them tucked away for my own arranging, sorting (ok, yes even smelling...i know ::weird weird::) & sometimes even coloring.

Just in case you're thinking I am completely stingy, you should know that I had no qualms with sharing all of my big, fat ginormous (supposedly) indestructible 1/2" round crayons...
of course, woe be it to any friend who didn't sharpen them correctly;)

Those days have passed & now I am EXCITED about sharing colors. Not q
uite in the form of crayons anymore (i do still have a box somewhere) but with the fabric on the pet apparel I create. Check out for some colorful outfits and luxurious bedding.
Don't be a color hog...Share the color!!

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