Thursday, March 25, 2010

When the Fleas Come Marching Home

Timely Tip

Springtime. Here come the fleas *groan* Oh, ya. Aren't we looking forward to this little fiesta. No? me either!
Just to make you feel creepy crawly all over, a single female flea can lay over 300 eggs A DAY! {{I will never complain about labor pains again}}

To prevent this hostile take over, be sure to arm yourself. If you stopped using your preventative topical or tablet may be time to start back up. If you managed to continue your routine throughout the winter...well aren't you organized!! Yes, I'm jealous of your skills.

Wash throw rugs & mats, that your pets use, to clean out "hiding" places. Check into some of the cool new natural flea control products on the market. Offerings include everything from: collars to carpet powders to yard sprays. If Aunt Gertrude's lemon in boiled water recipe works - fabulous - just
be sure whatever path you take it's safe for your pet. Some websites tout essential oils as a way to repel fleas, while the fleas may be repelled - your dog could wind up sick as some essential oils are dangerous to our furry friends. Contact your vet for suggestions if you are unsure.

I personally use natural yard sprays in conjunction with a topical liquid preventative. We haven't had a flea fiesta in many years (sorry Aunt Gertrude). Adios pesky fleas. Hello hammock!

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