Sunday, March 21, 2010

Surprise...It's a (Pomeranian) Boy!!

: What happens when Niki volunteers at the local humane society?

Answer: See p
icture to the left...

Yup, it's a boy. Pierre to be exact. Say Bonjour Pierre...WOOF!
For anyone shaking their head (i see you) hear me out...

I've wanted to do this for years. On the road of things I've learned in life, grooming has been one of these things. With this skill in hand I figured it was time to follow my heart so I signed up and went
to orientation at Woodford Humane Society. The staff was so wonderful and the place is so well kept.

I told Diane (who conducted the orientation) that I have a HUGE soft spot for dogs and can't wait to come in. I mentioned that many of my friends said I'd be coming home with a dog but I told them they were silly. The only dog on my mind was a Pom and I just knew that this type of dog wouldn't be walking around waiting for me to show up.

Diane confirmed that it is rare to get this type of dog in and typically when they do, they are adopted quickly. Makes sense.

After the orientation I had no problem deciding to carve out time. Soooo off I wen
t, grooming gear in tow, to have some fun with the doggies. Now, mind you, this is the 1st day I walked in...I mentioned I would like to groom any dogs that needed it. "Oh sure" says the receptionist...we just got in a ...P*O*M*E*R*A*N*I*A*N!

Me: You WHAAAT?!? Picture my mouth hanging open.

Receptionist: we have a Pom that needs
grooming? Picture her thinking I'm a freak.

Deciding I had to gain my composure, I quickly rambled on about how I've always wanted a Pom and I just can't believe there's one here (great recovery huh?!). Did I mention how wonderful these people are? They had these funny knowing looks in their eyes. So off I go to groom Pierre.

Melt...literally, we bonded over bath time. When I was done, I filled out the paperwork and brought him home to meet JD ( I only had Pierre for a 24 hour period as there are four other *people* who have a say in this).

When I got home JD only had one eyebrow raised (n
o, this is a good sign...two eyebrows - look out!). The true test was Harley, Gunner and Jasmine. It was up to them. We all went for walks ::neutral territory::hung out at Starbucks and had a blast. Pierre was a perfect fit. All the kids loved him and he easily blended into our family. See? It was meant to be!

We will be officially adopting him next week and I had to share our familys' proud moment with all of you.

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