Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dog Biscuits Anyone?

So I promised the kids I would make them their favorite biscuits today. Sunday. The day I try to finish everything else from the week before that I managed to not get done. promised. So, here I am. Cutting out French Poodles and large and small bone shaped biscuits. Because a promise is a promise. As I recall I didn't promise anyone that the laundry would get done, or the floors washed. Nope, it's time for doggie treats. Not just any treats. These babies are so good that all JD and I have to say is "Treat" and Gunner and Jasmine will do anything for us... no, not Harley (see previous post about our little curmudgeon).
The last time I made these little morsels I wrapped up a package for my friend Susan and her Border Collie ~ Lucy. Susan tells me that Lucy doesn't like any other treats now. Guess I should've felt a little guilty about ruining Lucy for other treats but I understand the power of these things and could only think...Et tu Lucy ~ Et tu?

News like this isn't taken lightly in the doggie world. Our pups have turned their noses up at so many things.
When you stumble across a recipe like this,'s a keeper!
And here they are those devilish little doggie delights. Hey Gunner! Hey, Jasmine! If you wanna do some laundry and wash the floors...I have treat for yooouuu!

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