Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Labrador Royalty

Yes, we have royalty in our home.
Ahem....Announcing Princess Jasmine. All shall rise!

Ok, so she's really our Black Lab mix. When we adopted her, JD & I decided to keep her given name. We felt it was enough that she was going home with these relative strangers, no need to change her name. She is quite loving and also VERY imposing and I am surprised to find...that I like it. People move out of the way when we take our walks. Small dogs and children shudder when they see us
coming (j/k). Heh heh heh, oh ya, make way for me and the big ominous Lab!

Then there are the bold, courageous people - the ones who approach and comment on how beautiful she is and then they ask for her name. Princess Jasmine!

They look confused. You see, they don't have the opportunity to see those soulful eyes. How she buries her head in my lap at night making me feel like the best owner ever.

She is a bundle of love and I know in my heart she will always be the protector of our family and home.

(**Oh those eye make me melt**)

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