Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Our Bolognese

Harley Davidson Dawg. small dog. Big Attitude.
There's so much to say about our first born.

Harley was our first rescue. He's a bit of a curmudgeon (a badge he wears proudly - it makes us laugh...yah we're suckers). As far as JD and I are concerned he can do no wrong. His latest nickname (you'll find we call our dogs all kinds of silly nicknames) is Hotel Harley. Hey, pictures don't lie!

JD and I spent this last New Year's Eve in New York (i had to pick up some fabric and "managed" to organize it around New Years - yup, always thinking i am). What your seeing, in the 1st picture, is Hotel Harley when we first checked in. The look on his face is wonder...he's wondering why i'm taking this photo instead of calling for room service. He loves cheese..........i didn't place the order.

Here's Hotel Harley is taking in the view...of course he's enjoying the view...

...i'm unpacking his suitcase for him. Perhaps this is why he never got his cheese?

Here's Harley's New Years party shot. He was very proud of his security tag. Using the tag was the only way we could travel into and out of the hotel. I swear he had a swagger as we walked around the streets after the ball dropped, taking in the cheers and confetti.

Yes, he's in control of our hearts but that's ok with us. That's what our pets do, they love us unconditionally and we........we hang their jackets in the closet and (sometimes) call room service for cheese.

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