Monday, September 2, 2013

National Guide Dog Month

According to Wikipedia National Guide Dog Month  " is a celebration of the work of guide dogs in the United States as a way to raise awareness, appreciation and support for guide dog schools across the United States. It was established in 2008 as a fundraising drive to benefit non-profit guide dog organizations accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation"

As it turns out it costs upwards of $40,000 and 2 years to train a guide dog. WOW!

When I researched this event I discovered that Dick Van Patten the creator (?... I really don't know if he created it or not) of Natural Balance Pet Food initiated the event.  I admit I was on the fence about posting this event since this particular brand has been in the news with recalls (I follow them all) and don't really want to give credence to brands that I haven't used or feel uncomfortable with. Couple that with the Big Box store  (Maison Mutt is all about Mom & Pop shops with their knowledge of the local neighborhood pets and all the benefits that relationship has to offer) that has attached it's name to the event...well it was a difficult decision. However, upon lots of reflection I feel the event is bigger than a "brand boost" and decided to bring the Guide Dog information to your attention. After all, it really is about the dogs.

This concern lead me to Guide Dogs of America. Here is a non-profit that you can donate directly to. They offer all sorts of sponsorships and would love donations of any size. If you want to get involved, whether it's raising a puppy for them, making a donation or purchase a sponsorship, you can call them here: (818) 362-5834.

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