Thursday, August 29, 2013

National Holistic Pet Day

 Tomorrow is the day!

August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day.  If you're one of my loyal readers, well, you know all about my and Mr. Mutts love of all an natural/organic approach to our dogs health (ours too).  It's not for everyone but we believe less chemicals = healthier you & your dog!

 Holistic care is a small thing with powerful results. Simple changes like home-cooking a simple protein and carbohydrate diet (something like salmon and quinoa) can improve the itchiness and digestive woes of a dog who has been suffering for months with food allergies.  Supplementing vital omega 3 fatty acids can help improve dry flaky skin and itchiness. Just being sure your dog gets enough exercise is a positive change!

Of course there is no fix-all (at times I sure wish there was) but awareness of what you and your pet ingest is an important factor of a healthy diet.

Take this day to really read your dog food bag, check out the ingredients. Understand what they are taking in. Small changes like filtered water - yup all our dogs get filtered water - can improve their health. Mr. Mutt and I reject fluoride and chlorine in our water, why do your dogs need it?  Maybe give them a fish oil supplement (this is what we use).  

While I do make our fur kids soft food, we do like to back that up with dry food during the day. Plus Harley (our oldest) can't really chew anymore (lack of enough teeth) so I run the dry food we buy through a blender to powder it and then mix in some of the powdered dry with our homemade wet.  This way we can be sure he is getting everything he needs. For the others, we just fill  bowls with dry for them to self feed during the day.

Some of you have asked what dry food we feed our dogs.  We ADORE Fromm Family Foods. In the 5 years we have given our babies this brand there has never been a problem or recall. We wish we knew about them sooner. What prompted us to find them was the scandalous melamine debacle that surfaced in many dog foods years ago.  Harley was eating one of the brands that we had NOT expected to be caught in this scandal and were shocked to find that they were.  We immediately scoured the internet to read about all different brands and landed on Fromms as our choice. Not all stores carry Fromms but we have never had a problem finding a retailer in our area (and we've lived in may areas) to purchase from.

The overall goal of Holistic Pet Day is to help improve your dog’s quality of life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to keep your dog happy and healthy in all aspects of its life.  Take a small step and make a change today!


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