Thursday, June 13, 2013

ADOPT! Spotlight on Rocky Balboa Chihuahua III

Ok so his name is really just Rocky. But let's face it, shelter dogs have a bit of "fight" in them. Thinking about situations they may have endured and how scared they must be while waiting for their forever home is enough to make me cry.  These dogs are fighters. 

As I was cruising the net to bring you an adoptable dog, this little guy with his ocean  blue tie just jumped out at me.  If I didn't have 5 dogs....... well, don't tell Mr. Mutt I was even toying with the idea - ICHIWAWA - I'd be in the dog house!

Anyway on with the introductions. Please feel free to Tweet or Facebook Rockys status. The more people we reach the better chance he has!

Rocky comes to us from: 
H.E.L.P Shelter Dog Rescue   Waupaca, WI
Rocky is a young chihuahua mix - not sure what he is mixed with but he is a muscular little guy!  He is about 2 years old. Loves to be held and sit on your lap but also loves to run and play. 
If you are interested in Rocky or any of H.E.L.P Shelters pets you can contact them at:

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