Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gunner & Jazmine Take a Bath

Gunner gets a rinse

"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog" ~ Franklin P. Jones

Indeed.  Last week Mr. Mutt & I took our largest kids to the local "wash your own" shop.  They have long since outgrown our bathtub at home & this place was a life saver. 

I would love to say our kids LOVE bath time but it isn't so.  They were pretty grungy so puppy dog eyes weren't going to get them off the hook.  The staff saw us enter with our large brood & smartly located us at the last (& largest) tub at the facility.  

 While Mr. Mutt was making sure Gunner minded his manners, I snapped the picture of Jazzi. It's a bit blurry (since I was making sure NOT to drop my phone in the tub).

  I have to say they both seemed to enjoy their bath (with only the occassional water shake off).  No barking or complaining! We brought along some special treats & the kids enjoyed their snack after they were dried.


 Gunner was positively glowing & agreed to pose for us showing off his super white coat.

 Jazzi was quite proud of her super shiny coat.

With some special treats & lots of love, our bath times are actually fun!


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