Thursday, March 1, 2012

♥ADOPT♥ Archie from Chicago

Dogs are my passion. No surprise that I created a business that involves them!  Mr. Mutt & I don't know what we'd do without our 5 furry kids to keep us laughing (& on our toes) daily.  It's truly hard to have a bad day when one of our sweeties comes up to us & wiggles their nose or taps our leg for attention.  Like so many of our friends, we wish we could adopt all the strays out there but of course, that's not possible.  However, we can spread the word about those pets looking for their forever home.  
Today's featured furry kid is: 

Archie hails from Chicago Illinois. He is a pure breed Brussels Griffon who enjoys the company of other dogs (but not children). He needs a very loving home as he is still working on a few trust issues (which is why he wears a belly band as he has the tendency to mark when scared).  

Archie is 6 years old & loves to play with TOYS.  He will be a constant companion & will love to keep you warm at night in bed.  He loves the Chicago area & this is where he will need to make his forever home. If you or anyone you know, in the Chicago area, would like to adopt this adorable sweetie please email this  American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance Inc & they will give you further information. Here is the email address:

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