Friday, June 3, 2011

A Pink Anniversary & Lessons Learned

I realized that my one year Pink Saturday anniversary is looming (June 10th) and began to look back how Pink has been part of my amazing year.

Pink has come to mean so many things & evoke so many emotions in my life. It all started with joining a group of wonderful, supportive blogging friends. In turn came hope & healing and more recently, faith.

Pink entered my realm, last year, as a way to move forward with my writing & has brought endless creativity and laughter into my life by reading all the Pinkies posts. Yet, unbeknownst to me, Pink was getting ready to bring me more. The very next month I was reunited with my cousins (however they are truly my “brothers” as we were raised very close & will forever be referred to a such)… anyway…due to youth & the silliness that ensues as young adults there was a… well…let’s say long hiatus…where we all fell out of touch. Last July brought my brothers & their beautiful families back into my life. The Pink part involved my “sister-in-law” Kristi.

Upon reuniting I discovered she had been cancer free for 5 years (you can read the full post here). Pink hit hard. It made me joyful that she was doing so well & it made me angry that due to lack of correspondence I was unable to support her through such a dark, scary time. Pink was a hard thing to view since it’s the symbol for breast cancer and although cancer free, I felt much anger for the disease that caused Kristi so much pain. Close to a year has passed & I have had the chance to visit my family a couple times & am gearing up for another 2 week visit {{ YAY }}.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to share & reconnect with Kristi (this time with several “girls lunches” & definitely some power shopping) ! Her view on life & ability to meet things head on came to me at a time in my life where (unknowingly) I needed this kind of determination & faith reminder. Belief in family, belief in a higher power & belief in yourself all rolled up in one large Pink lesson. These are the things that blogging, Kristi & her brand of Pink have brought to me .
It’s good to know I’ll be “in the Pink” for many years to come.

Merci to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting such a Grand Fete! Be sure to visit her blog along with all the other PINK participants. Be sure to leave comments...we love 'em!


  1. Hi Niki!
    Glad to find you at pink saturday!
    I used to have a family of four dogs too(and at one time up to ten!) but now its down to the father and son who also owns a blog! ;-)

    Healing is a brave path and by embracing your pain and letting go of hurts and some painful past we can freely be in pink. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Maison~
    Such a tender post...thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us.
    Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. So happy you have is so important and so is pink !
    just want to tell you that I had a difficult time finding where to comment...the icon was lost in that narrow black box ..

  4. YAY I'm so happy breast cancer women have the very soothing & uplifting color or pink as one of their symbols. How great is it that each one can be in the pink. Just the knowledge that this campaign has brought to women, has saved many lives. I'm happy your family is in the pink also.

    So of course I must say



  5. I'm happy for Kristi and you too. Family is most important!

  6. Happy Pink Anniversary!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. How wonderful to be reunited once again and with new family members too! I'm happy she is doing well and has been cancer free for so long. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. The Lord moves in ways we cannot imagine. I am so happy you have your family back in your life.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Hi Niki,
    A very late Happy Pink Saturday!

    I enjoyed your heartfelt post and am so happy you have reunited with your cousins/brothers and that PINK has brought you so many good things.
    Many more sweet blessings,

  10. What a beautiful and truly heartfelt post. I can feel your passion in your words and a very Pink Anniversary to you and a Happy Pink Saturday too. (forgive me for being late) :) Have a wonderful week. ~

  11. Oh that's such a wonderful story - thanks for sharing :)

  12. What a heartfelt post - you really poured your heart into it. Glad that you have a special relationship with your SIL:)

    Happy Anniversary my Pink Friend!

  13. That is too funny...
    It would be all the more if it were atop a woman's head...say the 18th century. :-)
    Have a pinkishly beautiful Independence Day


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