Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studio Friends make the Best Friends

There's something to be said about working in a studio with 5 dogs (no…not crazy. However, there are times…). Each one of our furbabies has their very own personality.

Why just the other day I was feeling a bit blue & Gunner came into the studio wearing his dad’s rain hat & a silly grin. Blue no more.

Then there’s Pierre seen here gallantly holding my sewing chair in place so it won’t slip this way or that. What a gentleman! Placing his paws in harms way for my safety.

Jasmine loves moms home cooking & is always sure to show me how much!

Our oldest, Harley, is very good about making his bed every morning before coming downstairs to help in the studio.

Bijoux, our tiniest tot, rarely leaves my side & is always asking questions (I think she wants to follow in her mommies paw prints).

I can truly say I feel so very lucky to spend my days (& nights) with such wonderful furry family members!

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  1. Oh what a great bunch! Poppet is always by my side, isn't it wonderful how they just love you so much :)


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