Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soldering Gun Fun

When an item goes out the door to a store or customer, the fit & finish has to be perfect on every product. It's very personal, having someone purchase an item you have created... it's almost like I'm sending a bit
of me out the door. While there are those days that I pop outside in my sweats (yikes) I'm too much of a perfectionist to allow an unfinished item to leave the studio. That's what brought me to the purchase of my first soldering gun!

The collars I create for Maison Mutt have a silver-plated charm that dangles from the D ring and while I had promised a release in February of the collars, I just wasn't satisfied with the split in the jump ring that holds the charm onto the D ring. It wasn't "permanent" enough for my taste. Putting on my thinking cap (& returning to my roots as a machinists daughter) I decided to learn to solder. Since the jump ring is also silver plated I had to find silver solder to fill the gap. YAY! I love adding to my tool collection (thanks to my dad for starting me out young with some awesome stuff including a micrometer).

Proudly carrying my silver solder & new soldering gun into the studio, I sat down & proceeded to practice on jump ring after jump ring. Using this cool magnifying thingie
that my Dad gave me helped to hold the hot gun & jump rings.

Here's a better shot of the magnifying thingie (sorry I don't know the real name of it).

What fun! (only a girl who grew up in a machine shop could consider this! Finally, I was able to release the finished collars online & in stores. Plus, I got to add a new tool to my ever growing collection (yes, my Dad is proud!).

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  1. Please explain to James my mistake in thinking she was male. She will probably hate me forever. Thanks for clearing that up. Too fun! What an interesting career and you make it all so amazingly fun and informative!


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