Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Grass is Always Browner!

So let's celebrate! Don't know how? No worries, today is officially "The Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day".....I'll just let that settle in for a moment. No, I don't know how they come up with these but I certainly can't let this day go by without celebrating.

I've decided to let my 5 dogs go to the neighbors to pee today.

Hey, it's an official holiday!

Here are a few furbabies who have been busy celebrating:

Well, see? This lawn is no worse for the wear! I may be doing my neighbor a favor.

Poor fellow mistook today for "Pee Standing on Your Paws Day". Silly boy, that's later this year.

Here's a little guy that's celebrating "Don't Tell Me Where To Pee Day". Ahhh, the greeting card company's must love these holidays.

Enjoy your holiday! Oh, by the way...if you have a lovely lawn ~ be careful where you step.


  1. LOL! What a hoot!

    My favorite one is the dog tinkling on the do not tinkle sign.

    I used to call my neighbor's dalmation, "Yardman" because he came over to take care of my grass. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  2. LOL...your post is too funny :)

  3. I'm afraid I'd tarred and feathered in my neighborhood! Cute pictures--love the pug on his head :) Have a good weekend!


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