Friday, December 3, 2010

A SWEET potato Pink Saturday ?!?

We took our pups to see Santa this year. Yes, our children are grown & we have lost our minds...LOL! All of our furbabies will be making an appearance this month to send you best wishes. Pictured here our Great Pyrenees Gunner wishing all of you the best of holidays!

Our lovely host Beverly over at
How Sweet The Sound really made me put on my thinking cap for this weeks post. As many of you know, I am the owner & chief dog dish washer at my little company Maison Mutt. I live & breathe dogs. Deciding that some of you will have the most AMAZING recipes to offer for this lovely time of year, I thought our little furbabies deserve a treat as well. So, I am offering our families most favorite (4 paws up) homemade doggie treats that can ALSO be shared with humans! It's really quite a simple recipe.
All you need are a few of these:

I am lucky enough to own a mandoline (the slicer, not the musical instrument...I play the flute...makes a terrible cutting device) & a dehydrator. With these two items you can make luscious veggies chips for you & your furbaby.

Give your veggie a good scrub with water. If you don't have a mandoline slicer just slice thinly with a sharp knife (& nerves of steel). If you're using a knife I suggest to cut a slice off the "bottom" of the sweet potato so it will sit flatly as you slice. You can also use beets, turnips, get the idea! Ok, so you have your favorite root vegetable. Slice into chips, too thin won't taste good so shoot for a thick "kettle" chip size.
So once you've sliced...take one of those cute silicone brush thingies, pictured here:
Now grab some oil, some recipes say olive, some say vegetable. I've tried them all & prefer vegetable oil. I am a lover of olive oil but to my palette it tastes rancid after being in the dehydrator or oven for so long. Give a swipe of oil (to both sides) with your brush & sprinkle a bit of salt to taste, on your portion. If you are making some to share with your furbabies, skip the salt. If drying in the oven just make one sheet pan of salted & one unsalted. Same for the dehydrator, some shelves salted - some not.
If using the dehydrator, follow the manufacturers directions, set & go.

If using an oven: Bake at 250° for about 3 hours. You will have to check on them as oven temperatures do vary.

That's it! If any of you have seen veggie chips in the market ($5 a bag & up) here is a great way to have all the yumminess without the cost.

This is what I presented to my babies today:

What... don't you feed your furbabies on a silver platter?

; )
Happy feasting!!

Thank you to Beverly for hosting such a Grand FĂȘte! Be sure to visit her and the other pink participants and leave comments....we love 'em!


  1. lucky furbabies you have there! thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Never mind the doggies, these chips sound great for humans too! And healthier than regular crisp (chips). Thanks so much for visiting - and re the recipe cards, either hand-write or import the picture into Word and then open a text box and write in that. If you need help with that, just email me and I'll send a tutorial.

    Happy Pink Saturday and hugs, licks & barks from the UK.

  3. Okay... I am following along with you!! That pic of your Gunner just about did me in. He is gorgeous!! And Santa looks so happy to have a loving dog "sitting on his lap." My dear doggie passed away in July. Please see a pic of him at this link -
    But we now have a cat! I miss my Harry so much but am so happy to see other people lovely dogs and yours - he's one of the best!
    Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have a fellow dog lover along!

  4. I have granddogs and I'm sure Ben & Jake would love some treats too. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Love the idea of taking your furry children to see santa-sooo cute!

  6. ROFLOL, Niki! You are so funny! Gunner is beautiful what a handsome boy. My babies have their own stockings and Santa Paws always comes to visit them. I don't have a dehydrator but they sure sound yummy. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs and blessings, Nan

  7. Thank you for the follow. I'm following your right back. I love that you took your dogs to see Santa. That will be an adorable Christmas card picture!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Sounds yummy. I know my doggies would love them! Now, do I have the energy to make them, ha!!!

    Happy PS,

  9. This blog is so cool- I have two little guys, plus cats- we do rescue.
    I am going to try this for my babies! They like people food and I won't let them have much. They will think they are getting away with something!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment so I could come and find you!
    Hugs- Tete

  10. I have always wanted to try these. Yours look so delicious I am going to actually make them!! Thanks!!

  11. Your blog and shop are darling!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Kay Ellen


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