Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bijoux Meets Père Nöel

Recently I had the pleasure to meet a local artist/photographer, Jennifer Munson. She is as lovely a person as she is a talented photographer. How she got our rowdy group to be in a picture together is beyond me...but she DID!

For the rest of December, I'd like to share some of the adorable, hilarious & heartwarming photos she took of our muttley crew. I promised each pup a moment in the spotlight so they could tell their story.

This week Bijoux tells about her 1st
meeting with Santa (or as she calls him: Père Nöel).

Excusez-moi qui sont vous? (pardon me, who are you?)

Santa realizes his french is rusty.
"Je suis Père Nöel, Bijoux".

Pere Noel?! But I have no shoes for you to put
gifts in... (ok, maybe some Chanel booties but I
don't want any chocolate covered bones in those

Bijoux plans her escape.

Umph.. .If I just rear up

Drats, Pere Noel is too fast for me.

You will bring me what? No shoes needed?

Well...maybe just one lick.

If you are in the Lexington area and would like to have your pups picture taken with Santa click here. To contact Jennifer or see her amazing photos (see does equestrian & fine art as well) click here.

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  1. So so cute!! She is extremely talented! Of course...the subject is so adorable!!
    Come see my new header! I just love it!


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