Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Again Pet Rescuers

How wonderful would it be if you could help a lost pet in need? Well, if you feel this way read on...

Our rescue, Pierre, came to us with a micro chip from Home Again Pet Rescuers. The information provided from Home Again instructed me to fill out his information on line. Once completed, I opted to receive email notifications for lost pets in my area. I thought it was a great idea and was excited to hear that recently, Home Again came out with a handy iPhone app. Great! Now I can check (which I typically do when I am out and about running errands) to see if there are any local pets that maybe, just maybe I can spot and help. The service is nationwide and it's a snap to load.

Do you prefer receiving your information via Facebook or Twitter? No problem, they offer these avenues as well. Don't forget, you can get your alerts through email too. If you visit their website be sure to check out the heartwarming reunion stories. Help those lost furbabies get home!

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