Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heat Advisory

I've come to realize the only "sweat" I like is in the word: sweater...

Ding! Stick a fork in me....i'm done. Jokes over, where is winter? Come on 108° - in Michigan? Poor folks. Of course it's going to be another delightful day here in the Bluegrass (are you ready?) By
8 am it will be a lovely 76° with [ [ only ] ] 81% humidity...

Which is why I am soooo very lucky to be able to stay in my wonderful air-conditioned studio and sew away my day. Phew! Our 5 studio dogs have been strewn about the room like it's a 5 star resort & spa and they have unlimited membership. Recently, getting about the room has been more a game of hopscotch: Dogs lounging under the cutting table & over by the computer cutting out patterns and hopping over a pup or two to get to the sewing machine *giggle*.

I suppose it doesn't help that my thoughts are turning to Halloween, Christmas & New Years doggie attire & bedding. I think it's making me dream of long sleeves,wool caps & snow flurries

I took these two shots last year. I'd gladly run out in the freezing snow to capture shots like this, yet I believe it would take a herd of elephants to get me outside right now. Since I don't think the circus will be in town anytime soon, I feel safe to say...I'll just hide away in the studio until the first day of Fall, September 22nd at 11:09 EDT...umm but whose counting.

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