Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alltech World Equestrian Games & Horsemania 2010

It's a Pink Saturday Horse Extravaganza!

But before I gallop ahead, I would like to extend a sincere Merci to Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound, for hosting such a Grand FĂȘte and many thank yous for featuring my blog this weekend. Also, be sure to stop by Victoria's place Things I Learned From Bear...she is in a paper craft contest & needs our votes! Be sure to check the end of this post for a giveaway i'm having. And as always...leave comments - we love 'em!

Lexington is preparing for the media's spotlight & it's AMAZING!
What's all the fuss you ask? Well...the World Equestrian games are held every four years and they have NEVER EVER been held in the good ol' US of A. Until now ...and they are being held in my backyard...well almost, it's down the street a few blocks (my backyard is full of dogs, no room for horses *giggle*).

Opening ceremonies begin 9/25 and closing ceremonies are 10/10. Here's a brief synopsis of what takes place: The worlds riding champions compete in 8 equestrian sports: 1) Dressage, 2) Driving, 3) Endurance, 4) Eventing, 5) Jumping, 6) Para Dressage, 7) Reining & 8) Vaulting. If you're like me & you don't know what some of these categories mean...go here to find out.

So needless to say this is a BIG deal for our sma
ll town. Artistically speaking Lexington brought out the big guns... 89 full size fiberglass horses & 50 foals, decorated by local artisans & school children, have been placed throughout our downtown for all to see. I decided to go with my daughter Sammi to see if we could find Pink Horses just for you. We didn't expect to find any but to our delight & surprise...we were wrong! To see all the horses go here.
Here's what we s

Goochiepoochiepladdapony by Marcia Cone

Nihon no Haru (Springtime in Japan) by Yoshihiro Hosokawa

Grapevine by Vida Vitgliano

Stardust Memory by Robert Morgan

So there you go
Pinkies...a little trip to my neck of the woods. Thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, & be sure to scroll down to the post below...i'm having a giveaway!


  1. oh my goodness the horses are amazing, Niki!
    Have a fabulous pink day!!!
    xo Tami

  2. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Wow! What lovely horses you have to share. I adore all things canine myself, though I am down to living with just one these days. The kids sort of took over...
    You have a lovely blog.

  3. Oh how fun! Thank you so much for sharing!! Happy Pink Saturday. We hope you have a tail-waggin good week ;0)

    Sharon & Max

  4. Oh you are so lucky to have the games there in your hometown. Just looks like a huge celebration and you get a front row set....lucky girl. The artwork is gorgeous, love all the colors. I am sure there is so much more fun to come. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  5. How fun, and Happy Pink Saturday to you, I'm a Mom of 2 Yorkies, girls of course, so they can wear pink! Have a sweet rescue also, think he might be Bichon Frise, will never know for sure, all wonderful babies! Have a tail-waggin good week, from another pet lover!

  6. What a wonderful opportunity for your town! I love the horses, I know they had the cows in Chicago and I saw fish in New Orleans. So much fun to spot them!! Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  7. Hi Niki, Happy Pink Saturday!Those horses are amazing, truly works of art. A few years ago we had a display of Loggerhead turtles here. You can still see a few of them here and there. Have a great weekend, Nan

  8. Those horses are gorgeous! They do that here in California too with cows. Happy Pink Saturday, I'm getting a late start, so enjoy your Sunday. Marcia

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, Niki. I hope you enjoyed being one of the featured participants.

    I love your post. This is amazing. And, the horses are exquisite. I followed your link so I could see all of them. I even got my husband in here so that he could see. Wow!!!

  10. Hello Niki,

    You know I haven't seen in person an Equestrian game. I remember riding a horse in a park as a little girl. But I think I was afraid then so that was the only memory I had LOL

    These painted horse statues looks fun with bright colors painted on them - lots of pink I see :-)

    Belated Happy PS!



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