Friday, June 25, 2010

Saké to Me?

Just returned from a "business/quickie visit with friends and family" trip, to make a pit stop at home, then off again, this time for a "real" vacation.

While running clothes through the washer to repack - I dutifully started uploading pictures from the trip. Amazingly I saw a trend. Was
Pink on my brain? I saw pink sunsets, pink sand & pink seashells. There were pink cottages & even pink cookies...oh, we will be getting to those little delights soon...may I just say "MiamMiam" (yum yum a la française).
Sounds like Pinkadise!

Well almost, there was only one thing missing. Can you guess?
That's right..Pink Saké *grin*. Yes, I was surprised too. Mind you, I'm not a saké lover (remember my true love is cotton candy). Saké doesn't do it for me but I was enchanted by the soft pink bottle that it was in.

I suppose, if I were a saké aficionado, the purchase of this unique liquid would've been mandatory. However, I will raise my glass of Pink lemonade, while JD & I sit on our front porch waiting for the laundry to finish, content that I could give my loved ones a hug & be home in time to enjoy Pink Saturday with all of you.

Be sure to stop by & say "Woof" to Rini at Catharina's Love. Her gorgeous photos are so inspiring. Also, Merci to Beverly for hosting such a grand fête! Be sure to visit her blog along with all the other PINK participants. Leave comments....we love'em!!

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