Friday, April 2, 2010

Mini Vacation in a Mini Cooper

Dreams do come true! This one had a bit of a limit to it...I mean, it wasn't possible to ask my friend Beth to just give me the car (even though it IS my dream car), so I suppose a ride in it will do {for now}. Poor JD, I've barely looked up from my sewing machine lately, what with creating stock & finishing up the new website, "Yes babe, uh huh" is about all he hears from me anymore **kisses** Then my friend Beth calls & says her dad's out of town & he left the Mini Cooper in her good care. Well...what does my super intelligent friend do? She calls me! "Wanna go run some errands?" she asks. "Yes!" I screamed as I grabbed my purse and flew out the door.

Yes, I made sure to call JD to tell him I wasn't in my studio (small detail - so excited I just ran out to the car - oops).

We had a great ride. Best of all when I got home I was able to share the fun I had with JD. Funny, I was talking so fast the most he could say was "Yes babe, uh huh".

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