Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Candice Olson - Providing Divine Dreams

I've seen other blogs that invite blogging friends into their home. So, I thought I'd show you some pictures of mine... someday. Definitely not today ::blush:: (picture many fabric swatches on walls and content studio dogs on floor). No, I don't see a tour happening tomorrow either ~ I've just been so busy creating a new items that I've let the hospital corners on my bedding go to heck and the chandeliers aren't as gleaming as they once were ;) But I DO have plans.

That's where Candice Olson comes in...
Ah, if I had a sister it would be Candice (as a very content only child that's saying a lot!) Even if I don't agree with a certain color
palette or style, in the end I find myself nodding my head in approval for the finished remodel.

So here are two rooms of my
someday dream home. Of course as an artist this is subject to change - - (like the wind some days ;)

Dream Studio: I love the colors here. I would just remove the coffee table and replace it with my cutting table. The far back area would be perfect as my sewing
station. I crave natural light and envision lots of inspiration and a bit of day dreaming taking place in that wonderful nook. Yes, I would keep the lovely little kitchen area to store my favorite wine, sourdough bread & cheese!

Black & white has always been my favorite kitchen motif (i think it's the French in me). I have some great antique porcelain roosters, that belonged to my great grand-
mère, who would love to roost in this gorgeous space.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my dream with me. Someday I will show you the real thing, since dreams can come true!!

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