Saturday, January 11, 2014

24 Things Your Dog is Better off Without & other stuff...

Anyone who knows me knows I like to multi-task. 
 Like right this second I'm typing this blog post while simultaneously polishing my toe nails, cooking dinner and snow plowing the driveway.

Yes, working from home has many advantages. 
Which brings to mind a recent conversation with an acquaintance:
 What I wanted to say was: "No, I had a job that was only 50 hours a week and when I came home I forgot all about it. Now my job is 24/7 - 365."

Don't get me wrong. That's not a complaint. I'd NEVER go back to my errrrr "real" job. I adore what I'm doing but I never once thought blogging, sewing, furniture painting, ceramics and the general goodness that I love to create and sell wasn't a J.O.B.
 It appears working from home is more real than some can imagine.

As my Grandmère would say "That really stuck in my craw." 

If I had a craw - It would be stuck BIG time.

So, as I sit here blogging, polishing, plowing and deciphering what a craw really is it leads me to:

Things That Shouldn't Get Stuck In Your Craw
 or in this case...your dogs craw.

Here, for your reference and dogs happiness, are 24 Things Your Dog Can Do Without.

 Did I mention I was also playing around with different fonts?
 Ya, that was right after my polish dried and I hopped off the snow plow...nope wouldn't trade my multi-tasking world for any
real job.



  1. Wow! That is some list. My dogs used to be for carrots, apples, and sometimes lettuce. They rarely got it. I stuck with their prescription dog food and organic treats.

    I hear you about people making the judgment that working from home is not work. In what universe?
    I have done both, and they are both work!



    1. I knew you'd understand Sheila! I also agree, we are very careful about what the dogs get. We make our own soft food and have chosen an American made local brand of dog food. They've never had a recall. Grain free and organic makes the choice easy for us. Wags, Niki


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