Monday, July 15, 2013

National Get Out of the Dog House Day

Now I am sure this holiday has a different meaning but since we have a houseful of 5 dogs...well the meaning is clear to me: Walk Your Dog.  
 You may think with this many dogs Mr. Mutt and I don't get around to walking each of them every day. Well....we do. Each of them. Every. Day. TWICE a day. And that includes: rain and snow.  Yes, we are crazy (I really do love the snow walks the best - yup - certifiable). 

 It's sort of well orchestrated chaos.  If Mr. Mutt is home (he travels from time to time) it's a cinch. We gather them all in the morning and before they eat (I read somewhere a long time ago this was best and have incorporated it in our routine ever since) hook up their Maison Mutt Collars and Leashes ; ) and away we go.  I take on the three little ones. Mr. Mutt has the two big kids. We've become adept to "steering" them around the block. There are times we look like we are doing the limbo or perhaps jump-roping over the leads but on the whole it's a great experience. Then we repeat it again in the evening.

If I'm on my own it's a bit more time consuming. I take the little ones first. They demand it. I comply. Then the big kids.  Yes, it makes for a long morning/evening BUT when I don't take all of them it shows.  If either set doesn't take their daily walk we've noticed that the group that didn't walk has acted up that day. Take it from us...walk them. You'll be glad you did!

Not that people don't know how to walk dogs...but I do have some suggestions here to make your walk (and mine) a better experience:

1) Please use a leash and collar when in public places. Yes, you know your dog but strangers don't. Seeing a giant dog come rolling up to one of my little ones sets my heart racing. You may know you can call Fang off with a single "Halt" but me and my kids don't know that. Plus a little dogs Napoleon Complex can go into full drive when a big dog comes strolling up to them. Please go to an off leash park and have a blast there.

2) This ties for #1: USE POOP BAGS!!!!!!!! Actually this is a pet peeve of mine. We pick up after all 5 (we have a Great Pyrenees...believe me I prefer him leaving his output in our backyard but we pick up his public output each and everytime). It's a responsibility that just comes along with the dog. I also feel it's a respect thing. Respect for your neighbors, neighborhood, strangers, other dogs....

3) Talk to your dog on the walks. Will you look crazy? Who cares! This is a fun time for both of you. They are typically at full alert and this may very well be the time they actually listen to you.

4) Pick up after your dog. Yes, I'm repeating myself.

5) If you've planned a longer walk bring water and a way to offer the water. In a pinch you can cup your hand or even use a plastic zip-close bag. We have several sizes of collapsible bags that tuck into our back pockets. No, we don't bring a bag for each dog. We have them scattered everywhere though. The cars, rooms in the house, drawers...yet we always seem to misplace them. Anyway, water bring water. And bring some for yourself too!

6) Have fun. This really isn't a drudgery (ok some days I don't want to go but those are few and far in between and I usually feel better after the walk. Unless I step in another dogs poo - see #2 & 5).  We always have a laugh. The dogs come home T-I-R-E-D and are well behaved the rest of the day

Now, go out and celebrate National Get Out of the Dog House day. Better yet, make it an everyday celebration!

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