Thursday, June 20, 2013

National Take Your Dog To Work Day - June 21st

 June 21st is National Take Your Dog To Work Day!

For some it's easy. I just open the bedroom door and and the dogs are at work. 

For others not so much.  It's a shame really. 

Mr. Mutt and I are "those" dog people. We think our dogs should be able to go  m-o-s-t  places with us. grocery stores are definitely out.

We've been to those shops where the owner has their dog(s) there and make a mental note to put that shop on our list of favorites. These places just has a great vibe with the pets roaming around, greeting you & generally making you fit in a few more moment petting them and enjoying their presence.   He and I have smuggled brought our dogs to plenty of places and no ones nose fell off HOWEVER I believe IF they knew one of our furkids was there....well, some people are just not dog lovers.

 It's a dog owner thing I guess. I mean it's not like you can take your cat to work. Ok ok put your claws hands down I'm sure there are some very special cats out there that won't run out the door or hide behind a file cabinet but all in all, it's a dog owner thing.

So go ahead. Take Fido or Rover to work tomorrow. Let him play with some paper clips, do some typing...maybe even chase an odd cat or two out from behind that filing cabinet!


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