Friday, June 28, 2013

July is National Dog House Repair Month. Really.

Ya know you just can't make this stuff up.  I mean...someone actually said "Oh. Hey. I know. We should have a National Dog House Repair Month".  And then others said "Ya. That would be great. Especially if it's during one of the HOTTEST months around". So they did.

 I thought about this zany holiday wondering what I could do to help offer better shelter to dogs. My usual M.O. is to "make it" but not everyone is into power tools like I am.  So I decided on the next best thing. I will shame you into improving your dogs house. 
Yup! Drool away...

The Top Dog House

Mission Style

Mobile Home
Ok. I want this.
Get out your nails and screw guns. Freshen up that paint and fix the roof. What if you don't? Well, I'll just show your dogs some of these pictures!


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  1. Oh what cute doghouses!!! Love the little camper one, but they are all precious!


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