Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some of you have asked...

embellished jeans for my granddaughter Maddi

What are my hobbies?  What does a doggie fashion designer do in her spare time?

Well that's really a long list but I've have to say that after a long day of creating awesome dog collars & accessories....I LOVE to get away &


Yup. A day away from the machine is agony for me. It's funny really. As I'm sewing any item, I will be dreaming up new things to make. Whether it's a pattern I've been dying to try or a combination of fabrics that is burning a hole in my brain...I just love to sew. 
ruffle dress for my granddaughter Jade

 In fact, just recently, I made something for myself. That hasn't happened in about 3 years! 
*gasp* a potluck bag for me!

 'Course if it's a beautiful day out, I do like to take my motorcycle out for a ride around town (typically to the fabric store). 
Originally, I thught the small backpack I use would curb my fabric purchases.
Ya. Right. It's amazing how much that little pack holds! :p


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