Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sparkle, Crystals & Purses...Oh My!

Mr. Mutt was a doll & took me out for a special Night On The Town last night (yes, was that special).  True to his good nature, Mr. Mutt took me to just the type of place I would love to go. A store. A store with shiny, glittery CRYSTAL things. How much does this man love me?!!  Quickly, my inner magpie came out & I was snapping shots of all the shiny, glittery things I spied.  Of course I only had my iPhone at hand so pardon the grainy texture of the shots.

These Judith Leiber purses were my favorites of the evening.  Being the dog lover that I am, I couldn't decide which sparkly dog purse was my favorite. Certainly I'd accept any of them so if there is anyone out there looking to re-gift...keep me in mind ;) 

How about a posture perfect Poodle?

 May be a Lhasa Apso (why do those dogs remind me of Zsa Zsa Gabor??) or a long & lean Dachshund?

 Too hard to choose.

But I have to admit this rubber duck purse quacked me up (you knew that bad joke was coming right?).  Really though, isn't this the CUTEST purse ever?  I just love the whimsy of it. 

Immediately, the ♪Rubber Ducky♪ song came to mind, flash backs to raising our girls, road trips & singsongs.  I imagined how fun it would be to attend a Very Important event (something we don't usually do) wearing Very Important attire & carrying this duck purse... so up my ally. 

So, if you are going to a Very Important event soon, keep the duck purse in mind, maybe you'll quack up too!


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