Thursday, October 25, 2012

ADOPT! Spotlight on Vinnie

Looking to help a troubled dog? Have a no cat, no child home? Vinnie needs your love. Hear what his foster mom has to say:

"Vinnie came in as a fear biter and he has come a long way after he was fixed. He is trusting us more now and responding to company in positive ways instead of being too fearful or protective. But just in case we will place him with an adult home and someone who knows this breed. We should alos place him clser to us so in case he has to be returned he can come back easier.

He also guards his food so no kids or people near him while eating. Other then food guarding he is quite a pleasant and happy boy who loves being groomed. Plus he loves going for walks. Vinnie has calmed down into quite a fun boy so I know he will make someone a very happy pet.

Vinnie is a small standard, and only 20 pounds so not a large boy. He can be handled and carried around fine plus he loves belly rubs. And he is doing well on the housebreaking thing too. I let him know he is housebroke and he has abided by the rules here. He will mind anyone who is fair yet kind but he seems to trust women better. But my husband is also working with him so Vinnie is thinking men are walking treat jars also.

Every day he is blooming into quite a charmer so if interested we will be working with him a few more weeks then screening homes carefully. He has not tried to bite since the first few days because I am teaching him other ways to ask for what he wants plus this guy loves food/treats. I find those who adore treats are very easy to work with them.
So we will be picky on his home and prefer someone who will work on getting him socialized so he continues to learn to trust folks so no more chomping needed. Plus he dislikes the squirt bottle so he knows biting is no longer allowed here and will need someone to continue that in his new life.

Plus he originally came from Russia so he is a world traveler too. I have his papers in Russian. He is the furthest away we have ever rescued and came off a plane from New Jersey as I assured his owner that I have never met a wiener I could not turn into a canine good citizen and match them with their right home.

So if you have a fenced yard, a dog friend for him and a bit of time you will find this guy will make a wonderful and charming pet for someone who already speaks wiener. He will not go to someone who does not know the breed. Vinnie does not like cats which is typical of the breed".

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