Sunday, September 23, 2012

ADOPT! Spotlight on Keesha

Keesha  is a beautiful female, Keeshond mix & is about 1.5 years old. She just came into SCRAPS on 9/11/12 and got ALL 1's on her *SAFER test!  GOOD GIRL!

She approached both the test cat and dog playfully and was respectful of the cat. She is timid and will need a gentle approach until she gains confidence and trust. She is very sweet, but is not fond of a leash or collar.
To find out more about lovely Keesha please contact:
Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service at (509) 477-2532
When contacting SCRAPS with questions about one of their adoptable dogs, please refer to Keeshia's Identification Number: 4173
 Do not refer to Keesha's name as not all staff are familiar with names. 
*All dogs are tested using a program called 'SAFER' which was developed by the ASPCA and is used to determine if a dog shows signs of aggression. SAFER scores of 1 or 2 are considered the 'easiest' dog, scores of 3 require some behavior modification.


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