Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pennies, Flys & Plastic Bags

Fly flys go away...come again...never!

 It's that time. Fly time that is.  Our large dogs are spending more time outside of late, & they've had some pesky visitors show up.  Mr. Mutt & I are quite the DIY'ers & we decided there MUST be a way to take care of these nuisances inexpensively & chemical free (we have become QUITE the chemical free household...more on this another day).

  A quick search on the Internet brought us to the Plastic Baggie Remedy.  uh huh.  While it seems strange (not a stretch for the owners of 5 dogs) it IS quick, easy &  inexpensive so we decided today to give it a whirl. 

If you want to try it as well, here is what you need to do:
Using a zip top baggie (we chose gallon size) fill half way with water & drop 4-6 pennies inside.  Tie in area where dogs are (or fly problem in general).  The thought is that since flys have many eyes, the droplets of water create a prism effect that throws them off their game & beat a path to a less confusing area. Why pennies? I really don't know but who am I not to throw my 2 cents in.... ;)

 I'll keep you posted on the effect of this unique fly abatement technique.



  1. I remember trying this a few years ago and I think it worked...thanks for the reminder, I am going to do it again!!


    1. Yes Trisha, I've had success with it so far. Much to my AMAZEMENT!
      Wags, Niki


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