Monday, March 19, 2012

ADOPT Spotlight on Dash

Oh boy...I have to say Dash is exactly the kind of dog that I would add to our Muttley crew (if I knew for sure my marriage would last another day after I did so...LOL).  However, I realize that with my wacky sense of humor, a "Dot" would be have to be found & adopted closely afterward.  No, no, no, I must resist this temptation & merely post this absolutely wonderful dog for one of you to snap up.  Here is Dash's bio:

Just a dash of Dash will make your world a happier place...imagine how great it'll be when you get to spend every day with him at home! This handsome husky boy will charm your socks off the moment you meet him - he's a big ball of smart, energetic husky joy. Dash is an active boy looking for an active family who can keep up with him; if that sounds like you, come on out and spend a little time with him today! Once you take him out for a stroll or a little playtime in our yards, we know you'll want to take him home for good. Go meet Dash at the Woodford Humane Society adoption center, or call them at 859 873 5491 to find out more about him!


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