Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink Tomatoes? It's Pink Saturday!

Can you tell that I'm a foodie?
My grandmere lived with us & was such a fabulous cook (her mom owned a cafe in Los Angeles back in the early 30's). She passed her love of cooking to me as I was growing up. She taught me the gammet...roux for gravies, roasting, aspics, soup to nuts really. So, it is natural that I grew up to be a foodie!

As I was completing a MaisonMutt order yesterday, I was pondering the next Pink Saturday post (nothing like last minute!). My thoughts turned to Spring & the tomato planting that I am planning. Well, this lead me to thinking about PINK tomatoes! Wouldn't they be lovely? It turns out they are! There are several different varieties including:

Brandywine Pink,

Caspian Pink

& Pink Accordion

Now I will agree these aren't "true" pink but I think I will be adventurous this year & try some of these different varieties. Won't they look beautiful on my canning shelf?
Hurry up Spring!!

If you want to meet real sweet tomato...check out The Quintessential Magpie. She has had some computer trouble of late...let her know we are banding together to banish her computer gnomes!

Also...Merci to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting such a Grand FĂȘte! Be sure to visit her blog along with all the other PINK participants. Be sure to leave comments...we love 'em!


  1. Who wouldn't want to grow and eat pink tomatoes! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti

  2. Fresh tomatoes right off the vine are delicious! Happy Pink and have a great weekend!

  3. Dreaming of tomatoes now. Wouldn't fresh tomatoes taste so good now in the middle of winter. Great shots. Ann

  4. I never heard of pink tomatoes, but I'll be checking them out now!

  5. My goodness, never heard of PINK tomatoes! Although if there are greeen ones, I guess it's no surprise really. Do they taste very different?

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Love tomatoes, red, green, black, yellow, orange, violet we've tried them all but pink? c'est vrai?
    Happy Pink Saturday from Normandy.

  7. Thanks for sharing your Pink. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

  8. that's funny! We were just talking about my fresh salsa that I make and how we would love some. But it's just not the same unless it's made with fresh homegrown maters. Some pink ones would be nice! HPS

  9. I love tomatoes but I have never seen pink ones. Must go for the lookout.
    Happy pink Saturday

  10. :) Oh my goodness, I thought I was seeing things. I'm a huge fan of tomatoes, bright red vine ripe, green ones, and now pink. ;)
    Thank you for stopping by. I'd give anything to be on that dock too. :)
    And I love Magpie and miss her, hope her computer troubles clear up soon.
    Much love and HPS.

  11. There are so m any great cooks today, but nothing beats what was cooked back in my early life.

  12. Hi Niki!
    Thanks for visiting me this pink Saturday!
    I love your blog!! I am your newest follower!
    I have to find and try these pink tomatoes!

  13. I think you are onto something. If you happen to ever create some with that lovely pink, I'll be one of the first in line to see.
    hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Tomatos are diiferent now to how they were when I was growing up. I bet they were fabulous in the 30s too.
    Love you cooking pedigree.

    Carolyn xxxxx

  15. Oh this look so wonderful. I LOVE heirloom tomatoes soo much more flavor!

    Enjoy your week!

  16. I am hoping to find an heirloom tomato that will do well in our crazy Colorado climate!!

    Come by and sign up for my fun giveaway!

    bee blessed


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