Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are the Holidays here already?

Yes it does sound like I'm whining but this year has gone by so fast! Why, just in the past two weeks Mr. Mutt & I have been to New York & California fabric shopping (yes, Mr. Mutt is a patient man). I've found so many wonderful new fabrics, I can barely wait to get cutting!

We enjoyed a coolness in the air while we walked the streets of New York. We enjoyed seeing the Christmas tree (still hidden behind scaffolding) going up in Rockefeller Center & the windows being dressed at Macy's.

California was busy preparing streets to roll out the Hollywood Christmas Parade & many holiday Starbucks cups were making an appearance around Los Angeles.

While these cities prepare for the holidays, I have visions of the Maison Mutt 2012 Spring Collection on my mind. I guess I better get out my scaffolding and put up our tree....or maybe I'll just grab a coffee at Starbucks & call it good.

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