Friday, April 29, 2011

The Gift of Pink Saturday

I feel so fortunate to be part of amazing group of bloggerettes. I just realized that I have been a part of the Pink Saturday group for almost a year now & can't imagine blogging without all of you! The Pink Saturday experience has truly been a gift. You've encouraged me, enlightened me and many times...just cracked me up!

But it's been a gift in the literal sense as well...I was the VERY lucky winner of an AMAZING set of lovingly HANDMADE cards by Michelle over at Rosebud Quilting!!

How excited was I (the person who wins nothing...ever!) to hear that I won?

Thrilled, but not as thrilled as when I received the package with these amazing cards inside...

Each is a tribute to pink!

Can you see the amazing detail?

Look at the embossing.

This one reminds me of My Fair Lady!

My favorite....sparklies!!!

Many, many THANK YOU's to Michelle for taking the time to create such beautiful treasures. I will have a VERY hard time sending these pretties off but I know they will give the recipient as much pleasure as they have given me!

Please stop by & visit Michelle's blog at Rosebud Quilting & say "Hi"!
Also...Merci to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting such a Grand Fete! Be sure to visit her blog along with all the other PINK participants. Be sure to leave comments...we love 'em!


  1. So pretty!

    Would you please come and see my PINK, thank you!

  2. Congratulations on your win. It makes your heart smile when you win something.

  3. What a wonderful win. She is so very talented. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Oh how exciting! I'm so happy for you! Happy Pink Saturday!


  5. Happy Pink Saturday Niki Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous share today. I love these cards that Michelle made for you. This is a gorgeous win and what fun each one is. I am afraid I would not be able to part with a single one. I would have to frame them or create them into pieces to keep. She did an amazing job.

    Thank you for sharing sweet friend. I hope you have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. I love pink Saturday too and I have made so many new friends here. It is nice to meet you! How have I missed you if you've been here a year. LOL Happy Pink Day!

  7. Thanks so much for your really great comment. I hope I never forget that some things aren't learned so much as loved. It feels so true. You're one of those special Pink ladies too! You remind me of the woman who comes in the shop twice a year just to buy the padded hangers I sell for baby clothes, only she's buying them for her dog's outfits! Congrats on your win of those very pretty cards! And have a Pink Saturday! Wags back! Licks? I dunno...

  8. You are one lucky puppy - congratulations on your windfall. I'm happy for you!

  9. Hi Nikki!
    Happy Pink Saturday and congrats on winning those gorgeous cards :) Yes, they would be very hard to part with!

  10. Welcome back with the Pink Saturday group. Youwere indeed lucky to win those neat cards.

  11. Awesome cards... I love seeing what others create. I'm not so crafty or maybe I'm just not crafty with my time! LOL

    Happy PS

  12. What a lucky girl you are. Those cards are just pure eye candy.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  13. You lucky dog! Those cards are darling! and pink! Thanks for the share. :I) Nancy


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