Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Well, no. No one won a chicken dinner. I just like saying that ; )
The real news isn't about chicken dinners, it's about WINNERS! Maison Mutt just had it's very first giveaway (see cute Paws & Smell the Bones bandanna above). I have been counting down the days & was dying to use the Random Number Generator. Here's who won: Good ol' number 23. Yes, lucky number 23.
23 has a very lucky dog, yes indeed 8 )

Ok, I can't stand it anymore..... Congratulations.......go to.......
Catharina Maria at ♥♥♥Catharina's Love♥♥♥
Hurray! I can't wait to send off your pets' new Maison Mutt bandanna!

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