Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog Tired

I was actually asked if I ever get tired of dogs
::blink blink::

Hmmm, you mean waking up early to take 5 dogs for a morning walk (that's two trips for anyone who thinks i'm mad enough to walk 5 dogs at once). Filling doggie dishes for what seems like 9-10 times daily. Creating doggie apparel, bedding (& coming soon collars & leashes - yay!). Daily brushing that, when missed, turns into hourly vacuuming. Making homemade dog treats & pate (yes, chicken liver pate - my dogs are addicted & I know they'd have withdrawls if I stopped making it). Well let me share with you what I do when i'm not doing the above....
Yup, looking at other peoples cute doggies! I can't imagine a dog free life (thank goodness neither can JD - phew!). Nope, we are both crazy for our pups & any others we can enjoy. Hmmmm, perhaps I shouldn't use the word crazy...... ; )

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